One Year in Utrecht: Summer (3/4)

June 2022 – the temperatures are starting to (seriously) rise, and while I’m feeling more and more overwhelmed at work, June is the month of meeting new faces and celebrating Utrecht’s anniversary, its highlight being a free concert of Dutch rock band Kensington on top of the Dom tower!

  • Summer is here, which means it’s food trucks’ festival season (translation: coming-home-smelling-like-a-walking-barbecue season);
  • De Zwarte Vosch has terrific tapas, and Het Muzieklokaal, a refreshing homemade iced tea with an amazing canal view;
  • My last acting class at Theaterschool Utrecht leaves me with an empty, nostalgic feeling;
  • After 3,5 years, my brother makes his comeback to Europe, and that’s worth being mentioned, for the simple fact that I’ve missed him.
Credits: Bodi.raw on Unsplash.

JULY 2022 – My dream of making a remake of Friends is seriously in progress, as my friend Emma becomes my next-door neighbor, aka the Chandler to my Joey (minus the foosball table).

  • Our first Utrechter borrel takes place at Gys, where the waitress immediately reassures Emma on her ability to learn Dutch (« komt goed! »);
  • I’d love to write down that I’ve become a master in building Ikea furniture. Really, I’d love to;
  • I enjoy a summer vacation full of music (with an incredible line-up at the Francofolies of La Rochelle, including the wonderful Janie, Mika, and Barbara Pravi), and family quality time, and return to Utrecht with fresh memories, that I can cherish for a long time.
Credits: Claire Faugeroux.

AUGUST 2022 – Summer is stretching lazily, and I enjoy drinking at terraces with friends (but not the wasps that buzz around us!). Also, it’s my birthday month!

  • In Gelderland, located 25 minutes away from Utrecht by train, I enjoy picturesque pluktuinen, and evening ice creams that remind me of my childhood;
  • I meet up with him for our first date, on Mariaplaats (or rather, where I think the square is), and I decline his invitation for dinner at Springhaver (spoiler alert: declined… for now);
  • La Vuelta starts in Utrecht, and my experience of it is being stuck for hours in the tram when coming back from IKEA.
(Main picture: Abinash Satapathy on Unsplash.)

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