speed dating

The Speed-dating Experience

Remember in “Friends”, when Phoebe had a list of things to do before turning 30 (and she actually realised that she had turned 31)? Well, let’s say that on my “2 x 15 years-old” unspoken bucket list, there was “going to a speed-dating event”. And I can say with some pride, or shame – let’s say there is a fine line – that this objective has been achieved!

speed dating
The clumsy one, the shy one, the Dutch one… who to choose? ©Clémentine Latron

Because I have watched so many series and American movies before going to this kind of event, I knew I needed a wing-(wo)man. Since we had already joked about it, I showed immediately the Meetup email I had received to my roommate – and that’s how we got to pay 30 euros for a speed-dating event that would absolutely not change our lives, but for sure, would turn into a funny evening. Expectations (high or low), stress – or in our case, wine – can indeed lead to some awkward situations. So here’s a summary (in GIFs) of our speed-dating experience:

When before going to a speed-dating event, you create your own motivational playlist including “Get lucky” and “It’s raining men”

When you hope, deep inside, that it’s not going to be a comedy sketch, and then you tell yourself “It can’t be THAT bad”, but turns out you’re in “Farmer wants a wife” without the countryside, or the cameras

tenor (1)

When most of the participants are ITs, hate their jobs and when you dare to ask “But why don’t you do something you like?”, they answer “Because it pays well”

When you start writing very mean things on people’s appearance, like “has a dead eye” and “has weird ears”, because you’re tipsy and you don’t care anymore

When one of the guys tells your roommate (who looks like a model): “I know I don’t stand a chance, but at least I can just sit and look at you during 5 minutes”

When this rude guy decides to not follow the rules anymore, flops into a chair and says “Well, I guess I have to sit there now”

When a Dutch guy has decided to make use of his “Dutch directness” and says at the end of the conversation: “Can I be honest? I know we’re not supposed to say that but… I don’t like you”

When you come across guys shier than you who speak so low that you get 40 % of what they’re saying, so you just laugh stupidly and for some strange reason – maybe to balance each other out – you start to speak very loud

When one guy spills wine on you (accidentally)…

When you end up talking to the other girls, because sometimes, nothing brings women closer than embarrassing situations 🙂

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